The Power of Video and How To Use It

Bob Gordon of Remax wrote an article on telling how he uses video in his marketing.

I agree with him wholeheartedly! AND the great thing is today we all have a great camera – our cell phones. You can have your clients give their review while doing a selfie. Just remember to have them hold the phone horizontally rather than vertical as the video posts better when in the “wide” format.

Bob wrote, “I have published over one hundred videos, some of which have been viewed extensively. My favorite videos are quick post-closing client testimonials. My clients thank me by name and share how excited they are to be in their new home. They mention the things I did well – the marketing, the communication, the strong negotiation skills. Then I post the video to my Blog, share on Social Media and I TAG everyone involved when sharing — the closer, the other agent, the client, the title company, the mortgage lender. These videos get great exposure.”

I always suggest putting a “Review” page on your personal Web Site. Then do all of your reviews in video. Get one from anybody and everybody that will give you a good review and post them there.

Imagine the effect of 30, 40 or 100 videos of people telling how great you are.

There is one full segment on Video in our free Educational Experience Webinar which you can see at

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