So Little Time! So Many . . . !

A Real Estate Agents days are full.  Time seems to be fighting them every step of the way.

But it seems like the only people making sales are working 60 to 80 hours a week.  That is not the way to live.

Emile L’Eplattenier writes in an article in about ways to reduce stress, stop worrying and work a normal 40 hour week.

He starts by suggesting an easy way to prioritize the tasks you need to perform.  He writes “Before you can start working smarter instead of harder, you’re going to have to sit down and figure out which tasks are absolute priorities, which are important but not THAT important, and which tasks are straight up time sucks.”

Emile suggests using what he calls the Eisenhower Matrix.  Using a sheet of paper, divide it into 4 squares.  Across the top label the first one Urgent and the second one Less Urgent.

On the left side of the page label the top square Important and the bottom square Less Important.

Emile explains “Like most great ideas, using the Eisenhower matrix is actually pretty simple. Make a list of all the real estate tasks that you do on a daily basis, and put each one into one of four boxes.

  1. Do first

These should be your core tasks that directly earn you money like cold calling, door knocking, managing Facebook ads, and responding to new leads and current clients.

As the category name suggests, you should do these tasks first. Joshua also suggests blocking out time in your day to get these tasks done. More on this later.

  1. Schedule

Important, but not urgent, you should schedule tasks like researching a new CRM, networking with listing agents, optimizing your website, and segmenting your leads.

  1. Delegate

Here’s where it might get a little tricky for some agents. Delegating tasks is great if you have the help available. If not, we have tips for finding great, affordable help in this article. Can you delegate social media? Hunting for email addresses? Screening cold leads?

  1. Don’t do

These are the tasks that aren’t helping you at all. For most people, these will be social media related. For example, have you been spending an hour a day on Pinterest for six months with nothing to show for it? Probably time for a new strategy.”

Emile also has some suggestions for using time strategically.

We quote from the article, “Another crucial step toward working fewer hours per week is to use your time more productively.

In practice, this means you need to adopt two strategies that have been proven to increase productivity for most people; time blocking, and the Pomodoro Technique.

Let’s start with time blocking.

Time Blocking

Time blocking is just what it sounds like. Instead of sitting at your desk and attacking a million little tasks at once, you block off large chunks of time and tackle one at a time.

This guarantees you will be more focused, and therefore more productive.

Let’s say you identified cold calling as one your important tasks to schedule.

Instead of sprinkling calls throughout the day, mark off say, two hours every morning to set aside for just cold calling.

Keep doing this until you have your entire week blocked out so you’re spending the most time focusing only on your most important tasks.”

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