Real Estate Agents Should Pay More Attention To What They Write

This article was not written for Real Estate Agents but any agent that wants to grow their business should take what the article says seriously.

This article by Paul Talbot here on LinkedIn, was published on titled “A Better Way To Write Copy For Lead Gen”.

Most agents do not publish anything but their listings. An agent really does have to do more. Research shows that a top agent will get 60% or more of their business from referrals. However if an agent only gets referrals from past clients the numbers of referrals are in a downward spiral.
Writing good articles giving good information a CONSUMER finds interesting leads to a bigger and more consistent referral base.

Paul wrote;
“When your goal is to generate more leads, the process can be as simple as…
• Writing 400 words of valuable content.
• Getting it in front of the right people.
• Asking these people to do something.
Platforms ranging from Twitter to LinkedIn can promote this content, but let’s look at the content itself.
The Ingredients Of Valuable Content
Valuable content instantly identifies the problem your prospects want to solve.

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