Imitate The Successful

I have talked a lot about the failure rate for new Real Estate Agents.  An 85% failure rate is unacceptable in my view of things.  The Real Estate Million Dollar Angle is a way to overcome that failure rate but does not solve all of the problems that create it.

Some of the reason s for a 15% success rate is that some agents do those things many agents do not want to do.

The successful agent works hard.  This is not an 8 to 5 type of job.  It is running your own business and there is not an entrepreneur out there that punches a time clock.

The successful agent sets time each day to prospect and stay on top with leads.  Do that by adopting good work habits.

One trick I use, because I work from home, is to always get up early, get showered, shaved and dressed then get out of the house and have coffee or breakfast.  During that time I review what my daily plan for the day is and write it down.  I am always ready to go to work when I get home.

The successful agent actively meets lots of new people but never just hands a card and pitches Real Estate.  Instead, focus on building your Sphere of Influence.  Don’t look at your SOI as just a source of leads but these are people you can do business with at a later date.  In my opinion these are your future clients.

The successful agent’s business is largely from referrals and self-referrals.  A self-referral is one of those SOI people that have never listed or bought from you before.

The successful agent builds his persona to show his skill, professionalism and reliability.  The easiest way to do this is to build a firm presence in a Google Search.

The successful agent has a personal Web Site.  This is not a company page that shows a bio.  I am talking about a real Web Site that is indexed by Google.

Think about how a person searches in Google for a Real Estate Agent.   They may search for Real Estate Agent (adding the city they live in) or if they have met an agent they may search by his or her name.   Now understanding how people search and understanding that Google wants to give their customer (the person doing the search) you can guarantee you will rank at the top of a Google search simply by having a properly formatted Domain Name.

If my domain name was I would show at the top of a search for Chet Bruce, San Diego Real Estate or San Diego Real Estate Agent because all of those search words are in my domain name.

The successful agent does not use his or her Web Site just to show listings or closed sales.  The successful agent uses their Web Site to showcase their skill, professionalism and reliability.

The Real Estate Million Dollar Angle is a step by step tutorial as to how to create the perception of skill, professionalism and reliability.

But remember, in order to succeed you must do those things the 85% does not do.

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