I Know Statistics Are Boring But Let’s Look At Another Set

This one dealing with Referrals.

 The top 10% of Real Estate Agents get 60% of their sales and listings from referrals.
 The other 90% get 10% of their business from referrals.

Another stat refers to the one I hear all the time, “I do not need to have any kind of lead generation plan because I get all my leads from referrals”. That statistic says that if an Agent relies only on referrals, they will end up with less and less business each year.

 74% of your clients will give you a referral IF you stay in touch.
 42% of all new buyers came from a referral.

Looking at these numbers you should come to the conclusion that you should prospect for future referrals more than sales or listings.

Your number one tool in “Active Prospecting” is a CRM.

 Only 51% of agents use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application.
 Real Estate Agents earning over $100K/year are nearly 2 times more likely to use a CRM than those earning under $35K/year.

Using a CRM will make you a “Smart” follow up professional because it will give you a way to stay in touch without selling. Remember, the prospect you are staying in touch with know you are a Real Estate Agent. They know you list and sell houses. If all of your contact with them is just a list of the homes you have for sale or a list of those you have recently sold they will have no reason to appreciate or respond to your contact.

Educate and Advocate in ways related to Real Estate but not sales of Real Estate. In other words, work on getting referrals from a much larger group of people other than the ones you have sold to.
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