How “FREE”​ E-Mail Hurts Your Business

I was just on Face Book (yeah, I know) and saw a post that offered some way of getting leads from Craigslist. No, I’m not saying you should do that or not do that. The person making the post asked for e-mail addresses to send an invitation to get the information.

What surprised me was out of 67 people that responded only 2 had an e-mail address that helped their business.

Now you know I focus on helping Real Estate Agents but have been in the Internet business for over 30 years. Yes, before Google. And the one thing that has not changed is that a consumer feels better when responding to an ad that is from a company name and not from a Gmail or Yahoo account.

Let’s face facts, there are a lot of unsavory people out there and they all use a free e-mail account.

Competition is tough. Why would anybody take even the slightest chance that their e-mail would be suspect?

In our free educational webinar, Real Estate Million Dollar Angle, I go into great depth about how and why every agent should have their own domain name and e-mail address like (, is not a real address, I did a Google search to be sure).

I am often told “That is too long” but think about what it implies. It says Tom IS a real estate agent. Tom works in San Diego; he has his own business and is stable. It says he is not just passing through. It shows he is successful enough he does not have to use a free service or ride the coattails of his broker. It shows he is stable enough to have his own private Web Site.

It immediately builds confidence in Tom. It builds “Value”.

When Tom got the domain name he also got the e-mail address, actually as many different e-mail addresses as he wants.

Not only that but using what Google calls an “exact match domain” allows Tom to be found in a Google search without paying for Search Engine Optimization.

We all do it, so we should know that other people do it too. When we get a referral from a friend, we go to Google and look the person up. If they are in San Diego, they would search for Tom Harrison or Tom Harrison San Diego and the results would show Tom at the top of page 1 in the search.

If the potential client was in Texas and was looking for Tom, they would include the San Diego along with Tom’s name. If the person in Texas did not know Tom and was looking to move, they would just searched for “San Diego Real Estate Agent” Google would list all domains with those exact words at the top of the search page, which means would be at the top.

It works this way because Google wants to give its customer, the person searching, the best results it can so they return the domains with the exact words first.

There is more about this at our site

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