Goal Sitting Is What Most People Do After They Do Some New Year Goal Setting

I know what I am talking about ‘cuz that was me for a lot of years. Then about 10 or 12 years ago I connected with Jack Mize and will be forever grateful.

Now I don’t know where he gets his stuff, but I can honestly say I stole it from him. I think the statute of limitations has passed so I can bring it out to the public now.

He taught me how to set goals so you will ALWAYS be successful! I would love to see you steal this from me. So here goes;

First, understand that what most of us thought as goals really is a “Destination”. A destination is the place we want to end up. It’s the nice house, financial security the ability to take vacations and to send the kids to a good college.

Or we may set the number of closings we have this coming year as our goal. This is our “Desire”.

You can tell there is a great big BUT coming can’t you? Well you guessed right. There are two basic rules that must be followed if we can have any reasonable thought of reaching any goal we set for ourselves.

First, the goal must be completed in ONE DAY.
Second, the success of the goal cannot rely on the actions of anyone but US.

Now we all know the “Sales Ratio” numbers we hear about. Make (X) contacts, get (X) appointments and make (X) sales. Apply those numbers to your personal ratios and you will determine the exact number of new contacts you need to make each day to get the number of closes to get to your Destination. The number of NEW people you meet in a day is something only you have control over and it does not rely on anybody else to fulfill.

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