Follow-up Without Being Annoying AND Make Them Love You!

This article in  By Jasmine Somaiah is a superb insight into the art of Follow Up.

Follow Up is what you do when a Lead becomes a Prospect and when a Prospect has become a Client.

Most Real Estate Agents today look at Follow Up simply in terms of the Client.  BUT, rest assured, Follow Up is just as valuable if not more valuable with your Prospects.

Your two basic tools for Follow Up are the phone and your computer.  In some cases with your clients it becomes more personal, as with a live plant after a closing.

Using the phone you can talk directly with a prospect or leave a message.  The article says “you should always be prepared to leave a voicemail. This doesn’t guarantee that the prospect has heard the message. And you probably have to try calling them more than once, being the only downside of making phone calls.”

The article talks about using Text Messaging as a Follow Up form.

Your computer is used to send e-mail.  Advanced agents will also send Newsletters.

The article states “Most follow-up emails or calls don’t work because they sound like a sales pitch. Just like a marketing email, a sales follow-up requires an angle and a hook that makes it interesting to read or listen to.

“If you want your prospects to engage in the conversation you’re trying to have, it’s on you to tailor it to what they need by providing relevant information. Your message must:

“First, focus on your prospect and their industry.

Second, talk about their pain points, which ties to your product.

Third, ask for something that‘s quick to complete, such as a short pre-scheduled call or a reference within their organization.

“Share useful content, tell an entertaining story, or ask questions to keep the conversation going. Remember, sending new and valuable information can increase conversion rates by 3 times.”

In closing the article said “If you haven’t got a response from your first phone and email combination, don’t give up, wait for two days and reach out again. This time focus on offering a solution to a different problem that your product or service solves.

“Still no response? Wait another two days and then reach out again. Your third message restates that you’ve tried contacting twice before, not in an irritated tone, and offer more information. In this email, you can send one or two relevant materials from your blog that addresses a problem you think they’re experiencing. Make it clear you’re available to schedule a call to speak about their goals based on your expertise.”

The Real Estate Million Dollar Angle explores the art of Follow Up in depth in the “Webinar” at


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