Five Challenges of Today’s Real Estate Agent! Part 1

A recent survey asked real estate agents what their biggest challenge was. The top 5 answers were:


Real estate agents tend to look at marketing as publicizing their listings. That is not marketing.

Follow up.

85 percent of homeowners would prefer to use the same agent they bought their home from when it is time to sell, but only 13 percent of those are still in contact with that agent.

Working a systemized follow up plan turns this into gold.

Lead generation.

I have talked to agents who think the best lead generation is doing office hours and taking the incoming phone calls and doing open houses.

Real lead generation must be a lot more.


In one of the most competitive fields a person could work, building value is vitally important to an agent’s success; yet most agents use phrases like “I’ve been in real estate since . . .”, to show value.  Value is in what your prospect needs and must have meaning to your prospect.


We can say the same thing about this challenge and about follow up; 100% the responsibility of the agent.

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