Common Myths about Real Estate Agents

When I do a public speaking event I always ask the audience which will help their BUSINESS the most: Being the best in their business or being perceived as the best in their business.

Perception always wins.

When that person gets your name and looks you up in Google, Perception brings them to you.

Being the best keeps that person coming back and telling others about you.

Being the best allows the prospect to feel comfortable in recommending you.

An article on by John Cunningham should be required reading for every Real Estate Agent.

Mr. Cunningham lists 6 common myths about Real Estate Agents;

“1. Real Estate Agents are dishonest

  1. Realtors Make Easy Money
  2. BIG Website Portals Are More Reliable
  3. Property transactions can be managed without agents
  4. Agents are not trustworthy
  5. Most real estate agents are uneducated”

Mr Cunningham goes into detail about each myth;

  1. Real Estate Agents are dishonest.  “This is the most common negative perception frequently shared among many professions.  Some real estate agents may be dishonest but it doesn’t mean that others are the same.”
  2. Realtors Make Easy Money. “When it comes to real estate, this myth is very wrong.

As mentioned before their role is to make sure both parties are involved so that the transaction is closed quickly and properly.  This is not as easy a task like it may appear at first glance, as it’s a whole process with many steps.  Real estate agents may end up spending their own money and time and are not paid for their part in a failed real estate transaction.”

  1. BIG Website Portals Are More Reliable.  “Many home buyers and sellers have the conception that websites offering fast and hassle free-property listings are better platforms than using real estate agents.  Most often customers are confused with the data and the reliability of the listing is questionable.”

NOTE:  In the Real Estate Million Dollar Angle we have one entire section on building the perfect Real Estate Web Site.  The training is best seen in the link “Webinar” on the sites landing page.

  1. Property transactions can be managed without agents.  :”Most often we have the conception that by eliminating the role of the real estate agent, we will save much money for ourselves.

“Both the home search and the transaction process are time-consuming.  Real estate agents have an excellent knowledge of the home buying process and the documentation needed to successfully close the transaction.”

  1. Agents are not trustworthy.  “The reputation of real estate agents has been greatly tarnished because they are often grouped along with other crooked businesses. It’s no doubt that some realtors are very dishonest. However, many professional agents are honest and run a transparent business. It’s very easy to sort out honest realtors from crooks.
  2. Most real estate agents are uneducated. “Most people have the perception that the real estate market is filled with uneducated persons because of the market unorganized. This is not true as the National Association of Realtors offers Realtors additional educational and designation opportunities for realtors.”

When planning your on-line presence keep those in mind as well as the 2 preconceived notions I point out by asking these questions;

  1. Everything you see, hear and read on the Net is true. True or False?
  2. If you tell me how good you are I will not believe you but if my friend tells me you are great I will believe it. True or False?

See how this plays out in then click the webinar link.

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